God Chasers Daily Devotion-#36

True religion is evermore a powerful thing; and the power of it appears, in the first place in the inward exercises of it in the heart where is the principal and original seat of it. Hence true religion is called the power of godliness.
The business of religion is from time to time compared to those exercises, wherein men are wont to have their hearts and strength greatly exercised and engaged….
…everyone that has the power of godliness in his heart, has his inclinations and heart exercised towards God and divine things, with such strength and vigor that these holy exercises do prevail in him above all carnal or natural affections, and are effectual to overcome them….
(Jonathan Edwards, Religious Affections)
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Lissette Del Valle - June 3rd, 2021 at 9:46am

Amen! Those who seek him with baste in his glory, love, and miracles. I give my all to our father and I will continue to chase him.