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Confidentiality Statement : I understand that in order for these Men Of Valor meetings to be the most effective, that personal issues will be discussed. I understand that the things discussed in these meetings are confidential and not to be shared with anyone at anytime. I also understand that if I break confidentiality of the things discussed in these meetings I may be asked to leave the meetings. I also agree to do my best to protect the confidentiality of my fellow brothers during the virtual meetings by participating in a private environment where others can not hear the content of our discussions. If that is not possible I agree to listen to the meetings with headphones in order that others not participating in these meetings will be able to hear the content of our discussions. In addition to confidentiality, I understand that as a beliver in Christ I am not be judgmental and I agree not to judge my fellow brothers in response to the issues that are discussed. By not judging my brothers I am allowing them the freedom to share the the things that are most personal without fear or reservation which will enable them to walk in freedom and victory. By checking I agree in the box below confirms my agreement to the terms listed above. I understand by checking the I disagree box below will disqualify me from participating in Men Of Valor Meetings.