God Chasers Daily Devotion-#41

And then our Lord opened my spiritual eye and shewed me my soul in midst of my heart. I saw the Soul so large as it were an endless world, and as it were a blissful kingdom. And by the conditions that I saw therein I understood that it is a worshipful City. In the midst of that City sitteth our Lord Jesus, God and Man, a fair Person of large stature, highest Bishop, most majestic King, most worshipful Lord; and I saw Him clad majestically. And worshipfully He sitteth in the Soul, even-right in peace and rest. And the Godhead ruleth and sustaineth heaven and earth and all that is,—sovereign Might, sovereign Wisdom, and sovereign Goodness,—[but] the place that Jesus taketh in our Soul He shall never remove it, without end, as to my sight….
(Julian of Norwich, Revelations of Divine Love, 168)
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Karen Smith - June 8th, 2021 at 9:31am

I want to be found in that place of continued worship always in His presence. Just to feel His glorious awesomeness. To look on His face.To know that His loves me so much that fatherly love has no words or does it need words.