God Chasers Daily Devotion-#66

I wonder if, when Mary broke open the alabaster box…she noticed that when her tears fell on our Lord’s dusty, unwashed feet, that they made a streak of cleanliness? Did it suddenly dawn upon her what measure of disrespect had been shown toward Jesus…? I believe she did, and it broke her heart. Her grief seemed to only turn up the velocity of her tears until they came like a floodgate had been opened.…Mary was literally able to use them to wash away the animal dung on His feet!
But what could Mary use to wipe the remaining residue…? …Having nothing else at hand, with no towels provided by servant or master, Mary dismantled her hair and used her glory [see 1 Cor. 11:15] to wipe Jesus’ feet.…She removed every evidence of His public rejection with her beautiful hair and took it as her own. Can you imagine what that did for the heart of God? [While she washed His feet, He cleansed her reputation.]
(The God Chasers, 131)
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Maddie - July 5th, 2021 at 12:15pm

That is true love and repentance. now in days people can't even shake the hand of a homeless man because is dusty .little would anyone will clean someone feet with there hair.is so beautiful ❤️ to learn what love is and how far we go for Our Lord 🙏.wow I get gum on my shoe and I'm already upset .but Jesus walk with animal dung on His feet with no problem preaching the Good word like nothing .Wow how much we all need to learn .Lord teach me more the love measurements of life.