2023 Year of an Open Heaven-The Separation of the Remnant

Jan 8, 2023    Rev. Kevin C. Benton

In this year of an Open Heaven there is going to be a separation of the true believers from the world and its ways. The times may get difficult. The times may get hard, but the remnant will rise up and Glorify God! Those who choose to follow Jesus with all they have in total surrender to him will experience this on heaven. It will not matter how long you have believed in Christ. What will matter is how devoted you are to Him and how willing you are to follow Him and not the wicked world we live in. The will be those who are blessed and those who will not. Choose today to follow Jesus and be a part of the remnant God is raising up in these last days! Invite the Lord into your life, or deepen your commitment to Him and experience the Open Heaven of His Presence over your life in 2023!!!