Love Conquers All

Feb 13, 2022    Rev. Kevin C. Benton

At the fall in the Garden man's existence was changed. This change appeared to be forever. With this fall came sickness, disease, death, and all of the emotional, psychological and various issues that we face on a daily basis. The good news is this change is not permanent, it is not forever. Jesus Christ came to the earth, lived a life free of sin, suffered the penalty of death for crimes he did not commit. Why would he does this. That answer is easy, it is because He loves you! He Loves Us! Jesus' love for His creation propelled Him to the cross where he reversed the curse of the fall in the Garden of Eden. It was His Love for us that reversed the fallen state of man. HIs love defeated the wicked plans of the devil. The answer to everything we go though is in the cross and the love of Jesus. There is nothing His love can't defeat, His Love Conquers All!